It is our mission to ensure all students are given the opportunity to learn in an environment that fits their personal learning needs to allow them to become productive members of our community.

All students have individual Written Student Learning Plans which focus on the coursework they will be responsible for. Students have the opportunity to study using traditional methods or through computer programs and on-line learning on either Chromebooks or desktop computers. Schedules vary according to student need, which accommodates a variety of students including students with children or siblings they care for; students who are working full time; dual enrolled students attending Newtech, and students who prefer an independent learning model. Student progress is monitored closely through weekly and monthly meetings with an advisor.

Students attending our school find a warm, welcoming environment with staff dedicated to their completion of a high school diploma.

We have 2 scheduling options for students depending on their needs. These options will be discussed during the intake interview and decided by the Riverside Achievement Center staff upon program acceptance.

Open Registration

Our program is open to registrants year round. Contact us at 509-464-8577 to schedule an intake appointment.

Congratulations to Our Graduates

Riverside Achievement Center celebrated the graduation of all 7 of our seniors on Friday, June 7th, 2019. We want to say congratulations and good luck on your next life adventure. We are proud of you!

RAC Trying the Broom Challenge
Broom Challenge

Students were excited to try the social media broom challenge to try to determine if this was a result of a special astrological event or just gravity. What do you think?